Justin and Pip Jarrett have been growing grapes and making cool climate wines in Orange, NSW for over 25 years. Estate grown fruit, nurtured using sustainable and organic viticulture, followed by minimal intervention winemaking, results in beautifully balanced handcrafted wines. All of the fruit in the award winning wines is grown and nurtured by them. They believe in growing the varietals that are optimal for the terroir and is concurrent with the pursuit of crafting balanced, quality wines.

Their approach to farming considers all activities and their impact on the environment and wine quality. They believe in a balanced approach to all things, most especially the sustainability of the land and environment on which we all depend, and have a wholehearted respect for leaving a positive environmental legacy. 

This sustainable ethos is cultivated into the 170 hectares we now have under vine over three sites of varying elevations. By 2020 all See Saw wine have been organically certified. With the addition of three 10kw solar systems, combined with the current work practices, See Saw wines are one of the leading sustainable vineyards in NSW.