The farm was founded in 1963 by the passion of the grandfather Giusto and then handed onto his niece Federica Rigoni Stern. 

The winery is located 35km east of the towns of Veneto & Conegliano, at the foothills of Veneto’s central hills. The property is located in a rural complex in consisting of the main house, barn, stables and basement. 

This small single vineyard covers an area of only 12ha, all planted with Glera (Prosecco). This wine comes under the classification of D.O.C. (Controlled designation of Origin). 

The winery of Rigoni Vittorino extends over 3,500 square meters, equipped with the most advanced systems of winemaking and bottling. The creative genius of Stefano Rigoni is fully expressed in this environment. Thanks to him and his staff’s knowledge, wine comes to life, a prideful demonstration within the national and international wine scene.