Nestled in the lee of the Teviotdale Hills in the Waipara Valley and sheltered from the cool ocean breezes, the Muddy Water estate is an ideal spot for cool climate viticulture. All our wine is made and bottled on-site in our hand-built straw bale winery just a few hundred metres from the vines. Our name Muddy Water is a literal translation of 'Waipara' - and, like our wines, is a direct reflection of the environment around us. Muddy Water was the first certified organic winery in Canterbury, and all our wines are certified organic with BioGro. As many New Zealand wines become more commercialised we aim in the other direction, making small batch wines with soul.

Deliverance Range

2019 Chardonnay
2018 Pinot Noir (about to roll vintage to 2019)

Muddy Water Range
2011 Riesling
2016 Chardonnay
2019 Skin Ferment
2018 Pinot Noir
2011 Hare’s Breath Pinot Noir
2017 Pinotage